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Vice alte O'connor 766
Bariloche, Argentina


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Vice alte O'connor 766 Bariloche, Argentina


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Winter Season:
Bariloche Winter Experience

During the winter months, Bariloche becomes an enchanted scenario where adventure and fun in the snow are the protagonists. The renowned Cerro Catedral, considered the main ski center in the country, stands out as a winter paradise that offers breathtaking views and exciting slopes for skiers of all levels.

Warm Season:
Natural Paradise in Bariloche

With the arrival of spring and summer, Bariloche unfolds its charm under the warm sun, becoming an authentic natural paradise. Nahuel Huapi National Park, a natural treasure, reveals itself as the perfect scenery to explore during these seasons, offering a variety of activities ranging from exciting trails to peaceful walks in its crystal clear lakes.

Heart of the City

Cultural Epicenter

A few meters from our hotel, you will discover the vibrant epicenter of Bariloche's cultural life: the Civic Center. This set of alpine buildings, more than structures, are witnesses of fascinating stories and keep secrets to be discovered. From this point, you will have the privileged opportunity to contemplate the majesty of Lake Nahuel Huapi, watching the hypnotizing dance of its waves.
Handcrafted Products

Artisan Chocolate

Delve into a universe of pleasure and exquisiteness as you tour the charming chocolate shops in the city center. In each establishment, a diversity of delicacies awaits you, from irresistible chocolate bars to seductive chocolates and truffles, including options adapted to special dietary needs, such as alternatives for people with diabetes.


Discover the city's culinary richness through its numerous restaurants and cozy tea houses, where each dish is a unique sensory experience. Bariloche's gastronomy stands out for its variety of red and white meats, exquisite preparations of trout, varied options of pastas, the characteristic Patagonian lamb and a selection of barbecues. In addition, you can enjoy a wide range of desserts and cakes of all varieties.
Featured breweries


Bariloche as a tourist destination is not only known for its stunning natural beauty, but also for its thriving craft brewery scene. The city is home to a large number of breweries that produce unique and high quality beers, making it a beer lover's paradise.
Emblematic Destination

Bariloche Magic

Bariloche, a picturesque corner of Argentine Patagonia, is immersed in a natural environment that truly impresses. Its crystalline lakes, snow-capped peaks, lush forests and rushing rivers combine to create a landscape that looks like something out of a fairy tale. At the center of this scenic beauty is the imposing Nahuel Huapi Lake, one of the largest and most captivating in the region.